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Custom Designed Medium Stone

Silver Birch & Stone

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Custom Designed Medium Stone
This is a completely custom designed stone listing for our large size garden stones (approximately 5-6" and weighing around 4 pounds each).

**Please refer to conversations between buyer and seller for more information.**

All of our orders are shipped wrapped in a brown paper with a twine bow, hand written note of appreciation/support, and a small fabric bag of dried lavender flowers (or other seasonally appropriate gift of fragrance).

~How it’s Made~
Starting with our own personally created designs allows us to modify and customize to your requests. We transfer the completed design onto the stone for a template, and then paint it with exterior grade paint for a detailed and lasting finish. No vinyl is used at any time during the creation of your stone.
Once dry each stone is sealed and protected for outdoor display year-round, including a layer of UV protection to prolong any fading or yellowing that occurs with sun exposure. Please be aware that because we are using a natural material and creating our stones for outdoor display the back side of the stone will be unfinished and not sealed; this is to allow the product to ‘breathe’ with temperature fluctuations and to avoid any moisture from creating unwanted mold.
We suggest care be taken with placement of your stone and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals. While each stone has multiple layers of sealer for exterior protection, nature's elements are unpredictable and cannot be guaranteed against.

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